Taiyo Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (“the Company”) recognizes the importance of personal information provided by the users of our website (http://www.taiyo-e.co.jp), and is committed to protecting their privacy.
This page explains the Company’s policies for handling personal information. Users of our website are asked to read and fully understand these policies.

  • 1) Collection and use of personal information provided

    Our company does not collect personal data other than that necessary for providing its services. When we use personal data, we do not use it outside the scope of our purposes.
    Moreover, we obtain prior consent when collecting the necessary personal data.
  • 2) Sharing and disclosure of personal information provided

    Our company does not share personal data with a third party without the prior approval of the individual involved, except in the following cases.
    (1) When tasks are outsourced as necessary for achieving the initial objective of data collection
    (2) When information disclosure is requested pursuant to laws and regulations
  • 3) Correction and deletion of the use of personal information

    Please contact us if you need to correct your personal information or if you wish to terminate its usage. We will comply with your request after we confirm your identity.
  • 4) Security

    Use of the personal information provided is restricted to within our company, and only staff members who need to use the personal information for performing certain tasks, such as those in charge of responding to enquiries, are allowed to access the personal information.
  • 5) Enquiries

    If you have any question regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact us.
  • 6) Revision of the Privacy Policy

    Our company may amend the Privacy Policy. Any revision to the policy will be reported on this website.