• Automatic registration facility to reduce energy consumption and enhance the quality of color gravure printing
  • Color controller that has a dominant market share, regarded as an essential facility for gravure printing presses

What is Colorcon?

It is automatic registration equipment for multi-colored gravure printing. The color displacement is detected for each color using a specially designed optical sensor while printing. The color displacement is automatically corrected and controlled with a high degree of precision by automatically driving the compensator roller.


  • Multi-colored printing for publishing
  • Multi-colored printing on film used in food packaging and suchlike
  • Multi-colored printing on decorative paper
  • Registration on both sides of the paper, matching the fold lines and trim lines when printing on paper

The 21st century has seen the rapid development of intelligent buildings that have been designed for the age of multi-media. In these buildings, power facilities and control panels are needed to support the use of electricity and the environment by providing advanced functions with a high level of quality.
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